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Integrity is your trusted local pressure washing contractor in Boise, ID and the surrounding areas. With our professional equipment and continuous efforts to bring you the best-and-latest processes, you can be assured of a quality job completed in a timely manner. We specialize in excellent customer service and look forward to creating another “customer for life”.

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Integrity Window Cleaning is absolutely Top-Notch! On top of them being a very connectable and friendly, they take massive pride in their work. They took the time to explain why he chose the spray nozzles and equipment that they use, and why it provides the deepest clean you can get. Chisum is very entrepreneurial in spirit so he enjoys taking on challenges that other people in his industry are not able to tackle. You can pretty much ask Integrity Window Cleaning for anything and they get excited for the challenge. Most of all, they do a Fantastic job! When they are finished, sometimes they can make the house look almost like it has just been painted! I'm a believer in pressure washing now. It's worth its weight in gold. Thanks for all your help Chisum and Integrity Window Cleaning.

Andrew Stevenson

#1 Window Cleaning Boise ID

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Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning removes the dust and debris accumulated overtime that causes damage. Window Cleaning is a great way to maintain the integrity of your windows and the seals. You shouldn't see your windows so if you can they need to be cleaned.
Window Washing

Gutter Cleaning

Gutters are commonly forgotten until the rain comes and they start flooding. Making sure your gutters are clear of debris will prevent water from excessively spilling over, and also lower the chance of mold on & near the gutters themselves.
Gutter Cleaning

House Washing

House Washing is just as helpful as washing anything else, the only difference is your home is probably the most expensive thing you have. Taking care of the outside of your home will also help keep the inside protected.
House Washing

Holiday Lighting

Holiday lighting brings smiles to faces and memories to mind. You should focus on those things, let us deal with putting them up and taking them down. We make sure you have what you need to brighten up the night. Every holiday is better with lights.
Holiday Lighting

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Laura Johnson


Window Cleaning Boise, ID

My first experience with Integrity was awesome. I was in a pinch on time to clean my mother-in-laws windows and he was able to take care of her that very day. They did such a great job with the window cleaning, that I had him come to my house. His scheduling is very quick which we appreciate. I give Chisum high marks in all areas. Prompt, professional and did a awesome job in a timely manner.

Andy Overbay


Window Cleaning Boise, ID

Wow! Amazingly clean windows, tracks and screens. I was very impressed with the job Chisum from Integrity Window Cleaning did on our windows. My wife commented that she could barely see the screens after they were cleaned. I thought the price was reasonable as well. They showed up on time and a few hours later everything was clean. I was impressed and you will be as well.

Lezle Ferguson


Window Cleaning Star, ID

We moved to Star about 6 months ago and a friend referred me to Integrity Window Cleaning. I called and made an appointment and Chisum came out and cleaned my windows inside and outside. They sparkle and shine like never before. The best thing is you can ask them to put you on a quarterly window cleaning service which is terrific! I highly recommend Integrity Window Cleaning.

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