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One of the best benefits of choosing us is that we will keep your home protected. We know the value of your home and how much it means to you, that’s’ why we have made a team of highly skilled cleaning professionals. All the solutions we use are completely natural and doesn’t harm your house or the environment in any manner. To increase the protection and safety, we use water-fed poles to clean up to 3 stories from the ground. Apart from that, we carry 1 million dollars in insurance, which saves you from any potential liabilities.

Window Cleaning Services We Offer

Interior/Exterior Glass Cleaning

If you want to make your windows look cleaner, then it is very important to clean both the interior and exterior sides of your windows. Some people only focus on the exterior glass, which is not enough. We provide both interior and glass cleaning services and to give the best cleaning we use high-quality cleaners and squeegee or water-fed pole, as per the condition of your windows.

Window Screen Cleaning

Windows screens cleaning is very important because they are exposed to water, wind, dirt and many other elements that can easily hamper the look of the windows. Our professionals will make sure that your window screens do not get damaged during the cleaning process. The window screen cleaning generally consists of two things, which are dusting and washing. 

Window Track Cleaning

Windows tracks are mostly ignored by people because they are a little difficult to clean. But with us, you won’t need to worry about anything. Our professional will first examine the condition of your windows track and will clean them accordingly. To clean your windows track perfectly, our cleaners will first use a vacuum to suck all the stubborn debris, then they will wash out the tracks for maximum cleaning.

45-Day Window Cleaning Guarantee

We provide everything that is required to give the best Window Cleaning In Boise ID but still, some of you might be thinking about what sets us apart from others. The simple answer is that we believe in customer satisfaction and this is the reason we provide a 45-day  warranty. We are the only company in Boise that provides this kind of warranty. This warranty ensures that your windows will stay clean from any other kind of external factors even after 45 days after taking our window washing service. Once you are associated with us, then it’s a lifelong relationship. Our only objective is to give the best cleaning, this is the reason we have a clear record of highly satisfied customers.

Keep Your Windows Clean All Year Long With Our Recurring Window Cleaning Services

We are one of those companies that have been serving people for a very long time and we know our responsibilities. Our main goal is to provide as much quality as we can and if you choose Integrity Window Cleaning In Boise ID, then we will make sure that your windows stay strong and shiny for the rest of the year. We provide quarterly window washing packages and once you take our packages, then we will clean your windows every quarter for the whole year. You won’t need to do anything, everything will be taken care of by us. Contact us now to set up your personalized window washing service!

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